Marine Science


Herpetological Conservation and Biology : Herpetological Conservation and Biology is still unique today. Although there are an increasing number of open-access electronic journals, we do not charge authors exhorbitant fees for the priviledge of making their valuable research available to anyone with access to a computer.


Natural Resources and Environmental Issues : (NREI) first published in 1993, is a monographic series that recognizes it's role in educating natural resources leaders who can then provide the guidance needed to increase the production of the earth's renewable resources while sustaining/enhancing the global environment. The journal is published in a series of volumes, each addressing a single topic and often associated with an organized symposium.


Boreal Environment Research : The journal publishes original, previously unpublished research reports, reviews and commentaries on various aspects of the boreal environment and its natural resources, in particular: environmental problems, their assessment, understanding and management, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources. Boreal is interpreted in a wide sense, i.e. including polar, subpolar and northern temperate conditions, biomes or ecosystems. The journal is a forum for emphasizing a holistic approach to environmental sciences, linking pressures via sources of pollution to the impacts on the environment through the processes occurring in various media. Articles dealing with monitoring, experimental, theoretical and modelling studies as well as their combinations are all welcome. Theme issues can be put forward using Special-issue proposal form.


 AJEAM/RAGÉE  : AJEAM/RAGÉE focuses exclusively on environmental issues in Africa, and aims to give Africa the opportunity to report on measures taken so far in caring for its environment as well as in institutionalizing formal environmental assessment and management principles and practices.

Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences : is a journal which provides a forum for the publish of original research articles, review articles, case reports, research notes, technical reports and other studies related to aspects of Biodiversity and Ecology .

Journal of Limnology : The Journal of Limnology publishes peer-reviewed original papers, review papers, notes and short communications about all aspects of limnology. The scope of our Journal comprises the ecology, biology, microbiology, physics, and chemistry of freshwaters, including the impact of human activities, management and conservation. Coverage includes molecular-, organism-, community-, and ecosystem-level studies both applied and theoretical. Proceedings of workshops, specialized symposia, conferences, may also be accepted for publication.


Opuscula Zoologica : The scientific periodical Opuscula Zoologica (Budapest) was founded in the year 1956 by three lecturer of the Department of  Systematic Zoology & Ecology, Eötvös Loránd University,  The aim of the new zoological journal was to provide publication possibility for the Hungarian zoologists. Later the journal became international and from the 36th volume it has an international editorial board. At the beginning it was a quarterly and later a biannual periodical, however from the volume 11 it was published more or less annually. From volume 40 onward Opuscula Zoologica returned to biannual publication frequency with a summer and a winter issue.


Hrcak portal of scientific journals of croatia : Hrcak is the central portal of Croatian scientific journals. Hrcak offers the access to the journals following the Open Access Initiative (more about Hrcak in Croatian only).


The Cryosphere : The Cryosphere (TC) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of research articles, short communications and review papers on all aspects of frozen water and ground on Earth and on other planetary bodies.